Wednesday, June 15, 2005

The Loop

I am in the process of something wonderful. However I made the mistake of mentioning it to some people before it goes off. Being in the loop is something that most people think that they are but it's a minority of those we trust. So I began to wonder how do you earn the trust of people so quickly?

1. Cook for them. If someone lets you take care of the preparation of any food that clearly is a big sign. Unless you're making something like salad or deviled eggs. Anything that can be at a party without supervision is not cooking for people. In my brief party experience the layer dip is something that I can no longer pretend to "have later." The chef/dip person makes sure that all that enter the party try the dip. A sort of tortilla vigil perhaps. I don't appreciate the "come on one chip won't kill you." Yeah but from the mere scent alone it is killing my appetite.

2. Transport them. Anytime that someone asks someone to pick up or drop off there should be compensation of nice meal or sex. That's just the street value of a lift, so I hear. So riders beware.

3. Open up. The best mistake ever. Whatever nugget of trivia given will soon grow inside their head until it eats it's way back to the mouth and falls out infront of the wrong people. The tragedy of a leaky secret is not in the awakening that is had, it's the what?! you told WHO first!! moment. Best of luck working through this one, especially if you are in a committed relationship.

4. Intimacy. Now this is a tough one since I have a terrible thought of always wondering what jackoff got to this person before I met them. My only solace is that we are all able to consult the high quality evaluations at a free clinic...just incase.

The loop is something that is just like the locale. If you are there it's one of the most coveted areas yet will cost you an arm and a leg to tell others that they are not where you are.

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