Thursday, June 02, 2005

Part of the Game

So this past weekend was wonderful and educational. What I thought was a clever idea put me in the same role as a large girl wearing the backless shirt. I tried to fit in my little league jersey. To my defense it fit. To those who love male butt cleav, that was the outfit for you. Hindsight is clear but I still am animate about not wearing button down shirts out on the weekend. I'm not your ex-boyfriend's boyfriend. All those guys look like the smurfs. Now I know why there was only one girl on that show.

Anyway. I also learned the BYOB policy is acceptable for beer. Bring a case, 6 or 12. For those bringing liquor, apparently an entire bottle is needed before you can show your face. Not I. I went extra selfish and packed a flask of Jameson. I later divied up some shots for a few people. I was mocked by one gal and then when I offered her some free booze she did what all good girls do and shut her yapper and took the free booze. Her shoes were too pointy.

Yes, I am like that. There is a theory I am testing. The pointier a woman's shoe is, the higher maintainence she is. Guys, my suggestion of places to look after the typical chest, butt, and complete tattoo search is as follows; finger (for ring), eyes (for early wrinkles from chronic tanning), then shoes. If those things are at a point that they can chip away a block of ice. Back off. For your and your wallet's safety back away. To me it just reminds me of the Chineses culture when they stuffed women's feet in shoes so small they were permanently broken.

We played softball two nights ago. I sucked. One week after a great game I sucked. Tbere was a ditch for batter's boxes and I damn near fell out of it each time. Twice I lost balance on the way to first and fell face forward. My knee is reopened and life is grand. Oh, I also took a liner off my shin and now it is noticeably swollen.

The way things are going I am lead to believe the world will all be married by Halloween. But at least the chicken will be good.

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