Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Where Has the Tallest Blog Been?

Let me tell you that 2005 has been more than eventful. This blur of highs and lows are something that I would like to explain.

Since the last entry, two whole weeks ago, I have...
1. Recieved approximately 456 different opinions on the reasons I should own or rent a property
2. Been consumed by the beast that is known as "the day job"
3. Fallen down a flight of stairs, don't worry I'll expound soon
4. Won two games of Cranium-Primo Edition
5. Used my YMCA membership
6. Reached an all time high for dispisement of radio personalities.

Let's dig a bit deeper on some of these shall we.

So I have been approved for a decent sized mortgage. The catch is that it doesn't really give me the leverage to live in the city. Nothing like getting the nerve to speak to the hot girl at the party and she quickly says that your car isn't nice enough, but you can date her plain Jane friend. Do you go out just to go out? No. Do you tell the girl that you're willing to trade in the car for a sweeter ride? No. Like many situations, there are only wrong answers that are more right than the other. At least most of my friends and family commend me for my efforts with a hybrid of pity and respect.

How's the job? That's what people ask me more than "when are you moving out?" The job is great. I finally found a career that is directly proportional to my romantic life. Within moments of a great achievement somehow a great oversight is found. I look at it like kindergarten, I still get graded on effort and soon they will let me go to the bathroom by myself.
Scary truth. Since my arrival I have come accross FIVE personel changes. A few have been the success route, and then there are the "not the right fit" nonsense. Also, in my efforts to help people find employment I have come across the best demonstration that government programming is being abused. "I have an employment opportunity for you _______. It lasts for about a month and pays $11/hr." They say to me "I can't take that job because it will disrupt my eligibility for unemployment." Isn't that the point of ME? To find a job for you and thus interrupt your unemployment. That alone gives me reason to support eight years of Republican leadership to purge any bedwetting program.

As I went looking for condos (owning is a great thing) I looked at some studios. Why studios? Well the answer for that is two part. 1. The aforementioned mortgage I have is "modest" at best. 2. Per the analysis from others my social life and activity does not deem necessary more than 500 square feet of living space. The kithen area is manageable with the posh counter top dining area for me to pull a chair up next to all my photos of my friends that wish I had a one bedroom. There really is no need for another chair since I have no friends to begin with, nor would there be room for more than one and a third to be in there.

I was walking down the fire stairwell as the forth floor door was locked. Now as I was moderately gripping the metal railing, I thought to myself, "good thing you're holding on to the railing, you don't want to... And as I said "slip" to myself, my ass went out underneath me. I flew over the next two steps and slid (as natural as steps allow) down the next three to be halted by the brick wall. Fortunately for me, my left thigh, wrist, and ankle can support my entire body weight. My first words to the realitor were "my benefits don't start for another two weeks."

I've started drinking again.

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