Sunday, January 09, 2005

Move it Along

As I stepped out of class today to possibly the best two-day parking space high, I watched as a Dodge hit a Mercedes. No one was hurt so I think but it all happened so suddenly and without a glimpse of general care by the people around them. Safety in numbers I suppose, if the fifty people closest to me don't care I suppose it's alright for me to not care either.

This recent snow storm has given me great reason to find a place to live with a parking space off the street. I would imagine the plow driver to move through the side streets thinking- well that Toyota better be waking up early or there is no chance of getting to work on time.

While I was driving this past weekend I have reconfirmed the fact that I very well am one of the worst drivers on the road. After nearly getting into a couple accidents last night I had to tell myself that it may be time to let go of the trademark merge then look maneuver.

That is something that amazing to me. When on the highway people are zooming around like it's a Nascar race. However, when the time comes to switch lanes I and many others do the breaking merge. Nothing says thank you to the car behind me like an immediate 15 mile an hour drop in my speed.

I miss my interaction with the toll booth operators. Now that I-pass is up and running I will never again get to see those faces that look like a mix of any radio personality and Eeyor. At first I didn't realize why toll booth folk were wearing the rubber gloves and then moments before I handed my change to them I sneezed and it became suddenly clear to me.

Sometimes I wish we still rode horses.

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