Thursday, August 19, 2004

Wagons East?

While I was out in Washington D.C. I enjoyed the lifestyle of the east coast. I moved back to hit up the Chicago comedy scene and well school at Second City. I am loving the bittersweet life of the starving/unemployed artist. However I still need a job.

I applied to the school that I studied at in Spain. The position was to recruite students and create a promotional campaign that could increase enrollment blah blah blah. Well they called this morning at 9:30 waking me from a bad dream (no metaphor intended). The message left was the office telling me the position for which I applied for has been filled. I should have known, at least the call was nice. The woman continued that there is another position availible and would like to know if I am interested.

Nothing gets me out of bed faster than a job offer, well maybe a pizza and some onion rings or nachos- ooh nachos. (By the way Rob said I should not get nachos when we went to a bar, even though it was a sausage convention) I have about three business days to decide if I want to live in Massachusetts.

Wagons East? Time will tell. Hey I got bills to you know. Plus side I could get that New England accent I have coveted for years now. Down side, I will be surrounded by Patriot fans. I vow to not bow to Tom Brady if I take this job.

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