Wednesday, July 21, 2004

...And That's Why the Prom Queen is a Tramp

I watched the nightly news and there was a cover story that was not about a gang shooting that shot a random child. However, this story was about a topic that is near impossible for society to ignore. There are countless juvenile girls dressing like the surgically/eating disorder altered celebs.

Now we as a society love jailbait like no other vice (see twins archive) but this is getting out of control. Girls are dressing like extras from the Lady Marmalade video. I love the sight of a girl (over 18- got that Mr. Kelly ok?) in a pair of low riders but when she turns around, smiles and shows the world her new braces and self waxed brows it just is not kosher.

The segment had young girls admitting that they would buy something on the basis that a celeb wore it on tv or in a magazine. Baaaahhhhh. I guess even sheep need highlights. Never did this piece find a girl that admitted the "pro" look made them feel sexy nor did any girl see anything wrong with the attire. Why would they? Come on, for the first time they are seen as something desireable. Which is all so important in study hall.

The news also reported that there was a game with the gel bracelets. Each gel color represented a specific sex act, that when tugged by a young boy would constitute the grounds for the act to be done by her to him. What happened to spin the bottle? I guess that was just a gateway to this game I call sexlets. Now if this is real grade school girls are easier than gym class. In both cases particpation is the only way to really grade one's intellect. Now if this is not really a game, I give the credit to the youth of America for pulling a fast one their elders. The message of course is if your daughter is wearing gel bracelets you should know if she is just an Avril fan or actually turning tricks at the flag pole.

One way to deal with this is to call the kids' bluff. I say this because this is probably just a fad. In a couple of weeks this will all blow over like a bad storm and will be replaced by something new, like taking pride in being a trophy girl. Adults do one thing the best that keeps the wheel of sensationalistic journalism around. They just draw attention to a conflct and then embellish it only to put blame on teachers, media, and most defintitely rap music. No adult actually follows up with solving the problem, because that means they were about as wrong as a black thong showing from their daughter's white Gap tramp pants. It is exactly like when there was an error in a newspaper. Thousands of people get misinformed on page 2 but they never see a correction for that until the next day on page 44.

With all that drama said, I really don't believe that there is much to worry about this sexlets scandal on the basis that most highschool guys are typically ackward pimple faces that no girl in high school wants. That's why God created community college, so high school girls could finally "date" that mature guy they've been looking so long to love.

It is really hard to say who is to blame on this. We all have our hands in the cookie jar on this case, well except the parents they are out at the neighbors having margaritas. Pedephiles/radio hosts across the nation are in favor of this act because they will always have the countdown to the 18th b-day. Sorry fellas, it's just another generation of rejection. The teachers are in the wrong because the chose the most rewarding position that allows moonlighting but only as a scapegoat. Other adults are in the wrong because they smoke and well that is cool so kids might as well dress the part too. Genetics will always tell more about one than the provactive words stretched across a juvenile's developing chest.

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