Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Social Interaction Bucket List (for a 33 yr old)

Every year around my birthday I write a bucket list of things to do that I've never done before. 1 for each year. Rarely do I get them all crossed off but it's fun to do dozens of things I would not make time for.

I want to do or say the following things in the next year in regards to correcting some butthead socially accepted things. Yes, butthead needs to be used more.

1. Tell someone that they're hat is on crooked.
2. Photo bomb a gym selfie.
3. Make a teenager yield the sidewalk to me.
4. Grow the worst beard to end all this facial hair nonsense once and for all.
5. Put a Calvin peeing cartoon over someone's 26.2 sticker on their car.
6. Ask a 30 year old guy in a graphic t-shirt where his younger brother got that shirt.
7. Ask a female coworker for help changing the water cooler.
8. Tell a kid throwing a tantrum that God is watching.

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