Wednesday, August 07, 2013

SUV Driver Successfully Climbs "Bump in the Road"

Chicago, IL- Never before has the thought entered the mind of SUV drivers in America. Veteran SUV driver, Mike Maxwell took the lead by driving his standard issue SUV through a residential construction zone. The good people in orange gave Mike and his fellow motorists the heads up of a "Bump Ahead." 
As Mike expected, the German engineered luxury SUV ahead of him slowed nearly to a complete stop as they approached the treacherous 1.5 inch climb. "I suppose if I was a finely tuned German suspension, I'd like someone to cut me a little slack too." Mike said as he flipped through all his radio presets.

Once Maxwell had the space to move, he did what no other SUV owner has ever done while approaching uneven pavement. He hit the gas pedal, with relative force. Not teenage jackass cruising force, just I gotta get this pizza home warm force. 
Mike associates his grace under fire with such unique road conditions to his seven MarioKart Star Cup Championships.

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