Monday, September 17, 2012

Rumormill Week 4: Guess Who Guest List!

Nearly one month into the bliss known as wedding planning and we are getting things going. It seems there is a direct correlation between progress and parental stressers to "think of your guests." Compromise to make parents happy in the planning of a wedding seems to be as old fashioned as say the bride's family footing the bill. There's nothing more significant than the guest list. Well, open bar is the most important, then guest list.

I am excited that m'lady and I are on the same page. These events can get out of hand when parents decide they get to use their kid's wedding to restore balance to the force and invite a friend of theirs so they have to give a gift too. We don't care about that.

One simple rule has been agreed upon for the guest list. If in our 5 years together, we've not met someone, their not invited. Seems cold but it's either that or play a version of the hit 1980s board game of "Guess Who" parental friend style.

-Does your mom's friend have facial hair?
-No. (minus 4 people)

-Does your mom's friend know my last name?
-No. (minus 12 people)

-Has your mom's friend ever shown up to our annual day at the horse track?
-Yes. (minus 6 people)

-Does your mom's friend go to garage sales with her?
-Yes. (minus 1 person)

Ok, let's invite Rick!

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