Sunday, February 12, 2006

Romantic Apathy

That's how you win their heart, spread it on, lose control, and most importantly- feel wanted. I went out on Saturday because I didn't want to. My friend was that and told me I should. We celebrated a birthday in a way that I never did before. We hopped bars with general formality and couldn't care more than the fact we all stood near eachother.

I went into three bars that night and was given the time of day with a number by women. Why? They sensed I was not there for them. The senses of women are strong. They can smell a man happy with the current point in life and become confused, since they are not involved in that joy.

They told me I was just like one of their good friends, who ironically was not with them that night. They told me that the purse I stood behind at the bar didn't match my shirt. I was quick to let them know that in fact it did match my shoes, and embarrasingly I do have under elements that match the leopard print purse. I was being full on checked out by a herd (accurate for a reason) group of women. Then one girl saw this made a joke and loved watching me be the meat for a change. I felt good about that girl but made no move since the only girl I wanted to speak with was at another bar. (Lesson of life #215- A chump commits to a non-existant/unshared romance)

We went to the other bar and life was fine. I should mention between the first and second there was a minor connection that made me deny any woman I saw in the next bar. I was asked again about being Irish (I have a jacket that says Dublin). Here's where the tables turn. Signs of flirting vary over time and then some drunken bump ups cause nothing but a false start on my part. I got the laugh to cover but now she was back in charge. Why? She backed off interest.

Romance is a delicous poison. We will turn on a room full of loved ones to find out why the person at the door is leaving. I am convinced that the best romantic philosophy is to let love fall into your life like a trust fund. Ride it into the ground or up the ladder.

Do you like to climb or to coast?

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