Saturday, February 11, 2006

Precious/Gay for it

Can someone explain to me why we are stuck in the mid 80's again? I have heard multiple stations playing Depeche Mode's Precious. Now I am on the verge of going to my Ticketmaster friends looking for Cure tickets as well. The song's not that great anyway. I appreciate manic-depressive music like the next Counting Crows fan but at least make it a bit more current with the times please.

I just went to i-tunes and they are doing a direct marketing for each user. Very smart. You bought x song, now try z song. So there is a play list of about 10 songs to buy just for me. Some I appreciate, some I have, some that make me a flamer. Apparently my past purchases of (I am sure of this) 80s ballads like Roxette, Total Eclipse of the Heart (Dan Band version as well and a couple more.

This comes to me at an ironic Valentine's timeframe. Did I buy the song? No because I have it already on a mix cd I found in college. Ran so far is not the song for me. The song that I am gay for now would have to be Check on it from Beyonce. I know it and am fine with it.

What song are you gay for? If you deny answering then you have more than musical weaknesses Sigfreid.

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