Thursday, March 24, 2005

Thanks Woodridge

Tonight is my last post while residing in the bustling apathy of Woodridge. I look forward to being apart of the on place that people give the broad name to and yet is understood. The city. There is something wonderful about the move. No one expects you to come to them for the next two months. There is so much effort in moving that we all understand the plight that comes to leaving where you just busted tail to get to.

I have way to much crap. I am about neck deep in nostalgia and fraternal glassware. The pain of exhaustion is something wonderful. I really would like to write more but I am beat.

Next posting will most likely be the first post from my own place. Salvation, Mr. Dufrane comes from within.

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  1. Anonymous9:02 AM

    hey mike, I came across this page and I couldn't believe that it was you! it's definitely been a while since I saw you last. you did druge up a lot of memories...especially "crawl space" memories!... take care and good luck in the city.. maybe i'll see you and your tall self sometime and then maybe we can go and call up the sugar shack again!