Monday, October 08, 2012

Rumormill week 7: The Mariah Carey Factor

The fact of the matter is that planning a destination beach wedding is pretty great. Even though it still has the typical annoying parts of planning wedding nonsense, it's on a beach so that sets the tone.

I have to be careful with the ideas that I think pass for suitable for a beach wedding. Many times I've already caught myself thinking of things that essentially are a weak attempt to recreate MTV Spring Break coverage in the 90s. Short of having a fashion show w/ Limp Bizkit in the middle of our reception, I think I've thought of it all.

I recently suggested to m'lady that her procession to our beach wedding be something special to the location but also with a fine bit of excessive self righteousness that sums up our generation so well. Now, my idea is not necessarily contingent upon her going Pam Anderson and wearing a white bikini. In fact for direct replication it will need to be the color, honey.

How cool would it be for the father of the bride and bride to make their procession via jet ski? A la Mariah Carey in the hit jam "Honey."

As the video shows, a beautiful woman on a jet ski doesn't get a drop of water on her as she evades a squad of assailants or even spinsterhood. However, the inspiration from Mariah Carey stops short of any singing. Neither of us should punish our guests that way.

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