Monday, March 03, 2008

Future Skulls, Hecklers, and Fitness Flavored 'Tussin

Alrighty. The past two shows were more memorable than imagined. We went to another prep school in Mass. and it was nuts. They had old colonial buildings for dorms, a master headsman/keeper of the covenant as well. This place was again so high end it was unbelievable. It all boils down to me through their menu. Fried calamari (yuck), chicken wings (that were huge. some hgh fore sure), and flavors of ice cream that would take them back to when they were six and driving the power wheel Hummers. Ginger, green tea, and hazelnut were a few of the hits that will be making it to 31 flavors once they change demographics.

The show went well, the kids were really into it. It's always funny to see what a prep school is like. I don't think I could handle it. Whenever I am on the road driving to remote campuses I always ask myself one question, "who delivers their pizza?"

Saturday we were in NY and the show went really well and we had some rowdy folks join us too. While we played some improv games where we asked for audience suggestions one heckler decided to ask us to more or less show some anatomy. This of course provided the audience with some concern, would we say something? For sure, I did. I without missing a beat apologized to the crowd and further explained that his request was just since after all it was Saturday night and he does probably lead a lonely life. They loved it. They tried to say something again and I replied with another line to point out who the professional was in the crowd. They left fittingly.

That show took a lot out of me and at the end I was able to get a drink from the pub on campus and I reached for the new G2 from Gatorade. Horrible. It really smells like a diluted Robotussin that supposedly helps the body re-energize.

I have yet to be able to wake up in enough time to partake in the beauty of the complimentary waffle iron at the hotels. One would think if they are nice enough to have a waffle iron they would be nice enough to just deliver me a waffle to my room. I only need one, butter and syrup of course though.

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