Monday, September 17, 2007

Bob Seger: We could have had tonight

Perhaps one of the finest songs ever performed is Night Moves by the snaggle-toothed Bob Seger and his silver bullet band. I went out on a limb, a moment of declaration yet minimal repercussion except for personal embarrassment. Bob Seger will you be my myspace friend? Apparently no. The delay in any response must mean the following;
1. He is too busy trying to find the actual joy in Detroit instead of approving me.
2. My photo doesn't look like I should be his Harley barnacle for a roadtrip.
3. He is too busy watching the Alf episode where Alf lipsyncs to "old time of rock and roll" parodying risky business. They really don't write tv as well as they did in the 80s.

Not to say I am damaged goods but if Bob Seger rejects me, what kind of pain am I setting myself up for with Kelly Clarkson? Seger was my safety celebrity.

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