Tuesday, June 15, 2004

Rumors, Oooh Nasty Rumors

A short while back I ran into someone I went to high school with. Now the precursor to this tale is that I have no qualms with my tenure there but I do remember which people were maturely stated, dill holes.

I have not reached the ten year reunion time, nor am I that close. The lesson many people must know is that which lies ahead. Whenever I run into someone from high school, they usually were not my best friends. As logic would have it, I actually talk to my friends once in a while.

So when they come into my plane of vision, it is just like in the terminator with that red screen with the shifting cross-hair. Their id is matched. A run down follows in my head;
First name: Jag
Last name: Off
Last seen: class of 99
Description: big fan of Dr. Martins, spitting chew on the carpet, excessive levels of cologne, Napoleon’s complex.

That’s how it goes. Do I say hi to these schmoes? Sometimes, but really they would only expect me to stroke their ego. It’s not a matter of who’s better than whom, or who dated the librarian’s daughter (which she was oh so hot- until the make up came off), this is about common respect. Which is sometimes just comes in second to good old school spirit.

Why do we have such an animosity towards people we went with to high school? Is it the 327 votes short of homecoming queen? Finally hitting puberty in our junior year? Or maybe it is an even more pressing matter like residual prom hangover/bitterness. I won’t deny mine. The reason why I went to prom as a junior, in case it sucks at least I can redo it the following year. Well, junior year was just the appetizer for the main course of betrayal and for desert how about what most people had, sexual frustration.

The people I am most interested remain to be the same. What exactly are the dance team girls up to? How many finished cosmetology school? Which one actually did not join a sorority? Most importantly, I want to make sure their ideals are still the same. Do they still appreciate the ugly? For without the ugly the dance girls would not look nearly as stunning.

We use to have pep rallied for the dance team going to the state competition. They danced against two other teams. One time we had to actually celebrate them getting second; out of three teams. I heard their spirit fingers just weren't jazzy enough.

Back to the moral of the story, keep your mouth shut. (I know I should talk) The reason for that being the more you talk the more get embellished by some dumb box when really you meant nothing more than “wow, I would not have expected.” Remember these were the same people that assumed anyone new to the school was probably gay. Yeah, because you know those homosexuals, can’t just commit to one thing they’re always so flighty.

So, one of the guys I graduated with is now in prison. It is easy for some to say he was mixed up with the wrong people and strayed from the path of the righteous Catholic he never was. This may just be a blessing in disguise. The parochial system couldn’t teach this air head how to read so maybe some special one on one instruction is needed. Please, if you are getting upset about the air head remark let me support it once more. When you forget what page the class is on that is normal. When you forget what chapter the class is on you are an official blockhead.

In other news, many of the teachers that taught me have been caught in love affairs. The allegations were always there, office flirting. Laziness sets in and before they knew it, the private detentions were deemed unacceptable barring doctor’s note. All that happened just when the Catholic community was celebrating their five week anniversary of no sexual conduct cases.

Who would have thought a Catholic high school Melrose place could exist? What would Jesus do? Most likely not the biology teacher, the music teacher, or the health teacher. (Side note: Teaching health is a blatant sign that all efforts to avoid all academic realms of the school have failed and now one must choose a curriculum they can understand. Chapter 1: Why showering daily is important)

I believe we are on the verge of another golden age for our own social circles. I also believe that these golden ages are the results of when people with genuine concerns for the integrity of man need a vacation from all the drama we bring onto ourselves.

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